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Goblin City (Through Level Point 3)

1.   The party hides behind a dilapidated cart. Two goblin sentries walk past, with a trained wolf.
Encounter: 2 Bugbear Warrior; 1 Dire Wolf
XP: 600

2.   Beetles.
Encounter: 3 Tangler Beetles worrying at goblin corpses on charred earth.
Treasure: Skald's Leather Armor +1
XP: 600

3.  Goblin patrol.
Encounter: 2 Bugbear Warrior; 2 Goblin Sharpshooter
XP: 650

4.   Goblin patrol.
Encounter: 3 Bugbear Warrior
XP: 600

5.  Small treasure.
2 Potions of Healing; 1 Jade (100 GPV); 60 GP; Magic Totem +2

6.   Goblin patrol.
Encounter: 3 Goblin Warrior; 2 Goblin Cutter; 2 Hobgoblin Archer
Treasure: Thunderburst Sling +1
XP: 650

7.  Small chest trapped with Elite Poison Trap (as Doomspore, DMG, Pg. 88, 700 XP; countermeasures as Elite Pendulum Scythes).
Treasure: 3 Potion of Healing; 200 GP; Lightning Bow +1

8.  Elite Ice Trap (as Treacherous Ice Sheet, DMG, Pg. 89, 400 XP; countermeasures as Elite Pendulum Scythes).

9.  Goblin Patrol.
Encounter: 3 Goblin Skullcleaver; 1 Hobgoblin Archer; 1 Hobgoblin Commander
XP: 650

10.  A Kenku Ruffian is in a trapped cage. If they free him, he will become a servant for one party member. He warns the party that the kobolds may have other captives.
Encounter: Kenku Ruffian; Elite Dart Trap (as Poison Dart Wall, DMG; Pg. 89; 500 XP)
Treasure: 2 Potion of Healing; 2 Turquoise (100gpve); 130 GP
XP: 600 (538 if they kill him)

11.  Goblin are fighting Yeti.
Encounter: 2 Hobgoblin Soldier; 1 Yeti Hunter; 1 Yeti Rampager

Goblin City (Set-Up)

Once the catacombs are cleared, report back to Legaire. Legaire, now busy with overseeing the repairs, rewards the party with 500 experience and 500 crowns (Hook 2 & 3 quests complete). He directs Nerisatris to show the party to their newly-refurbished quarters in the old abbey. Each character, both PC and NPC, gets their own monk's cubicle; in each cubicle is a straw pallet for sleeping and a sturdy chest with a lock for keeping their belongings. Neris also shows the players where they can store their large items in a secure vault (actually the closet where sacraments were kept.)

A merchant has also arrived, with a fresh compliment of guards to relieve the original four. (Hook 1: players send their report back with the departing guards, who will deliver it for 20 GP). Neris volunteers to stay on. Once the characters are settled, they are summoned to Legaire.


Legaire has set up an office in one of the scribes' offices off the entrance. He sits at a large wooden desk, looking over work orders and invoices. Without even looking up from his papers, he tells our travelers that the main town, right out the front doors of the church, have been overrun by goblins. The players are to reconnoiter the town, assess the goblin threat, and eliminate as many as possible. Again, they will have first right of plunder, but the rest will go to the  treasury. He then tells them to report to Trafire for further instructions.

Trafire states that, to aid the players in their endeavors, he will cast an illusion on them to make them appear as goblins (any characters too tall to be so disguised will have improved invisibility cast upon them). He warns them, though, that the spells will only last eight hours or so, so they will need to return each day to have their costumes reapplied. Thus, cleverly disguised, the characters sneak out the front door. (Refer to Map B, Gordonton)

Citadel Catacomb Map (Unedited)

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Citadel Catacombs

A: As you come down the stairs, you see several humanoid forms stumbling toward you, wearing tattered raiment of the clergy.
Encounter: 3 Zombie; 1 Zombie Rotter
XP: 413

B: As you open the coffin, an undead priest tries to claw its way out.
Encounter: 1 Ghoul Flesh Seeker; 1 Rot Grub Swarm; 1 Rat Swarm
Treasure: 2 gold rings w/garnet insets
XP: 475

C: Snacking on the bones of the dead are zombie dogs.
Encounter: 4 Zombie Gravehound
Treasure: Resounding Staff +1; Sylvan Hide Armor +1
XP: 600

D: Dark Ones ambush the party while they are battling the zombie dogs.
Encounter: 2 Dark One Hex Knight; 1 Dark One Creeper
XP: 525

E: Coffin is filled with Doomspore (DMG Pg. 88, 300 XP), partially covering outside. When the lid is lifted on this coffin,  Doomspore is triggered.
Treasure: Corpse is holding a Rod of Reaving +1 as a holy scepter.

F: The party stumbles upon more of the risen clergy here.
Encounter: 2 Zombie; 1 Zombie Rotter; 1 Skeleton
XP: 438

G: Ankheg have made their nest in a large pile of bones and other remains.
Encounter: 2 Ankheg
XP: 600

H: Beyond the bone pile is a secret door; chamber beyond has False Floor (DMG Pg. 87, 100 XP); drops to second level.

I: Antechamber; Large sarcophagus, odd glowing rune on the floor.
Encounter: 2 Zombie Corruption Corpse; 1 Deathlock Wight; 1 Phantom Warrior Ghost
Treasure: 130 GP; 400 SP; 1 Potion of Healing; 1 Black Iron Scale Mail +1
XP: 700

The Adventure Begins

Legaire leads the party up into the mountains. In addition to the player characters, other party members include:

   •         Legaire, leader of the expedition and veteran of the king's guard;
   •         Trafire, an adept of the Wizard's Sanctum;
   •         Neristhyra, Assitant to the Royal Blacksmith;
   •         Iantumal, one of the royal engineers;
   •         Davhand and Uthadar, two royal carpenters;
   •         Arakain, an adept cleric of the Temple of Tyr;
   •         Graben, Nerisatris, Thertranna, and Goarin, members of the king's guard and escorts for the party;
   •         Leoneiros Wolfswift, guide.

Traveling by night, and using the magics of Trafire and Arakain, the party manages to steal secretly into Targan Pass. Using a small game trail, they make their way to their planned base of operations: a large church known commonly as the Citadel. Wolfswift says his farewells and leaves. Legaires barks orders to his crew to shore up the building and start making repairs. He orders his retinue of guards to protect the workers. Then he turns to the players and explains that they will be the primary explorers and, if there are undesirable elements, clear them out. You will be given a small commission for completing any tasks set to you; you will also receive first right of plunder, with the caveat that anything you cannot immediately carry becomes property of his royal highness; and eventually, you will be given lands and property to hold here in the mountains. Certain services will also be provided, although at additional cost (see Appendix A for cost list). For your first task, he explains that, under the rectory of the Citadel, there is a small catacomb where the Citadel's former priests are buried. You are to explore it and make sure no “surprises” will disturb the company while they work. (Refer to Map A, Citadel Catacombs)

Preparing for Adventure

As our adventure begins, the player characters are disembarking from one of the early trading vessels. They became acquainted during their journey, and are now attempting to find work in town.  Use one of the hooks below to create a backstory for your characters, or create one of your own. If you use one or more of these hooks, The PCs may also gain experience for completing a beginning quest.


The player characters, seeking employment, garner a meeting with one of the few remaining wealthy merchants in town. Master Simeon has great interest in gathering information about the business prospects in the pass, especially in its vineyards. He offers to hire the party if they will volunteer to join Legaire, and if they will  send their initial assessment of the rehabitative feasibility of the vineyards and the area in general to him so that he may consider the potential business opportunities he may wish to undertake in the Kraghor peaks. He will pay handsomely for their information.

Our adventurers, hungry for glory (and short on funds), eagerly agree to this lucrative offer. Sure the risks are great, but they always are in such a speculative enterprise.
            Alternative: You were hired by one of the merchants on the ship that brought you here. He wishes you to engage in corporate espionage.
            Quest XP: 500 XP and 300 gold crowns for your initial report.


The players have offered themselves up as mercenaries to the highest bidder, but their inexperience is proving a bit of a handicap. As they watch their money dwindle, they become increasingly desperate for work.

One night, as they put down their last few pennies to drown their sorrows in ale, a grizzled veteran soldier sits at their table. After inquiring as to their prospects, he says he has a job for them—a job that promises great fortune and glory. He leads them to a room where they can talk privately.

He tells them his name is Legaire, and that thr rumors are true. He's looking for adventurers to aid him in reconnaissance of the mountain pass, and clearing it of any unwanted entities. He warns them that there is great risk, but as they have chosen the life of a are mercenary company, they will need to learn to deal with risk. When the job is over, they will be seasoned professionals, and he will give them a glowing recommendation to boot.
            Alternative: Their money has run out and they cannot pay the innkeeper, so they are thrown into debtors' prison. Legaire offers to settle their accounts and have them released if they'll help.
            Quest XP: 750 XP and 50 gold crowns each for helping him secure a base of operations in the mountains.


Upon arriving in town, the player characters find a notice posted calling for eligible persons to join the king's guard. Due to its dwindling numbers, outlanders are now being accepted. Our party joins and distinguishes themselves among the novices. One day, Legaire addresses the novices, asking for volunteers for a detail commissioned by the king himself. He explains about the mission, and tells the novices that while this undertaking is extremely dangerous, it will reap rewards that will make it well worth it. He states that he will be in the captain's office, and that volunteers should seek him there.

Our adventurers of course sign up. This is what Legaire had hoped for—recruits with no ties to major houses or even local families of distinction—in other words, they are completely expendable.
            Quest XP: 600 XP and a signing bonus of 250 gold crowns.

Recent Developments

The old king is dead. His son—the new king—is young. Some say too young. There are those who think a regent may have been in order until the new king was proven to be a good ruler. However, there was no regent. The young king displays the ambition, stubbornness, and impetuosity of boys his age. Yet he has good counselors, and the wisdom to listen to them occasionally.

Now a new rumor is starting to spread: that the king is offering a bounty to anyone who would assist in the effort to retake the pass. Word on the street is that Legaire, former Captain of the Royal Guard, has been reinstated into the king's guard for the sole purpose of gathering likely adventurers and attempting to reconnoiter the pass to assess what condition its in and set about making it habitable again. Further, local gossip is full of talk about the treasury being raided in a last desperate attempt to reopen the pass for next summer's storm season.

However, as it is early autumn, time grows short for such endeavors. During the winter, the high mountain passes are closed due to heavy snows and violent blizzards. If anything is to be done, it must be done now, during the lull between putting up the harvest and gearing up for trade season.

These rumors appear to be substantiated, as Legaire himself—something of a recluse in his retirement—has been seen frequenting alehouses and inns, even brothels. He rarely has more than a mug or two of drink, and merely watches the patrons. Also, small patrols have been spotted occasionally heading up into the mountains. One final rumor on the streets is: most have not returned.